Atlantic Immigration Summit Projects

  • Collaboration with some new (and old) partners
  • It has inspired me to go to my community and to share my story
  • Reaching out to existing organizations working in immigration on PEI
  • De continuer de travailler étroitement avec les différents employeurs pour leur fournir u soutien avec l’embauche de travailleurs qualifiés
  • Moving forward on outreach to ethnic communities for providing and obtaining education.
  • Collected contacts to follow up with - ideas and inspiration!
  • Make decisions with enough evidence
  • To create more networking and gathering opportunities for immigrants like this summit.
  • To reach out to newcomers in the area on a one-to -one level. To encourage municipal government to think about immigration in our area.
  • Listen more
  • Provide more support as an employer to newcomer employees
  • Working more in collaboration with private sector
  • Promote inclusion
  • Continue to work on solutions to the challenges presented
  • Get involved with more Community-based engagement
These are all answers from participants of the Atlantic Immigration Summit conversations when asked

What actions are you inspired to take?

The overarching goal of this report/summary is to enable continued action on the projects that were proposed.
This Gitbook is a repository for the projects proposed from the Opportunities for Action conversations that occurred at the Atlantic Immigration Summit events in the four Atlantic Canadian Provinces between May 2018 and May 2019. They are categorised by city and then by project name. If you would like more information about the project callers and any status updates, please contact [email protected]
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