Arts as a gateway to inclusion and feeling at home

Notes & Ideas

  • Not depended on language.
  • Sharing can happen across language barriers.
  • Different arts and crafts can be shared happily.
  • Arts and crafts together create a happy place and reduce isolation.
  • Sharing happens organically not geography specific.
  • Global - podcasts and expertise so accessible.
  • A way to meet others.
  • Ready-made groups doesn't cost a lot.
  • Piggyback possibilities.
  • Lived language learning experience.
  • Can lead to making money Etsy, craft show.
  • Islanders learn The Buzz.
  • Newcomer quilt for the legislature.
  • Arts and culture can lead to immigration. Ex::Anne
  • Making instruments. Ways of encouraging artists to work together.
  • Traditional Chinese chess
  • Pizza Hut free course 4 JK style extension.
  • Bringing people to Ballet, Theater, music, Symphony


  • What is the data, of numbers of artists selling? How can we learn about the artist crafts groups that do exist?
  • How do we encourage these groups to welcome and invite newcomers?
  • Are there social media resources available through pre-existing groups?


  • Direct newcomers towards Arts and Crafts groups.
  • Approach Community Schools to hold a campaign.
  • Bring a neighbor / newcomer along with you to Community School.
  • A newcomer night.

Take Aways

TPI newcomers group in the loop to inform newcomers.