Building your Island family

Notes & Ideas

  • Events for networking
  • West Prince Community Navigator ( example)
  • There is Goodwill and willingness to help- to create connections informally -so we do have logistical issues.
  • Communities of Interest/hobbies.
  • Connections that way (ie: tech, arts, film, beer, wine)
  • Example: 2 degrees of Portland
  • Adopt an immigrant and Welcome Wagon for immigrants
  • You're getting too involved can spare only a little time #AskAnImmigrant


Formalized programs - concerns about liability and safety


  • Clear doable ask- list of examples for people to do- advertise time of the year.
  • Connection to awareness campaign
  • Tips on how to include International bake sale mixture of one-on-one and social settings to vary the experience and meet needs.

Take Aways

  • Clear asks to help the community know how to create connections that expand social networks
  • Marketing and education to help spread this not a formal program but more Grassroots.