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How can the Healthcare System leverage newcomers to address gaps within current system.

Notes & Ideas

    Rural Health Care - “Gate of Entry” how to retain
    Expand Services stuff scope decentralize
    Doctors add services to support scope to retain
    Migrants - credentials to work here cost basis Limited
    Double standard license / privatized Health / physic/ Play rov-boss
    Community / professional / can add the pressure to change the policy.
    PEI is evolving to attract retain immigration.
    Prejudiced immigration.
    Jeremy / supervision resource plan.
    What services need to be local?
    Keep some sustainable
    WP emerge - different intake docs- have to keep skills


    Informing migrants / newcomer a boat access and level of emerge/etc
    Language last access temporary Access, Transportation, translation
    How can I receive to open credentials.


    First point of access for newcomers provide detailed Health info package.
    Registry, Pharma, access, cards, PEI
    Prudential e Atlantic region government / colleges / community (physician)
    Internationally trained Health graduates.
    Immigrants underemployed- in one room to stories/ colleges / LPN / physician / pharma / diet / to share stories and bring solutions forward to proposal government / colleges / messaging / untapped assets. Human Health Resource plan.

Take Aways

Host Health immigration event
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