Identity and Immigration

Notes & Ideas

  • Identities effect on inclusion in the community. How are identities affect applications in a point based immigration system.
  • Barriers with identity related to immigration.
  • Students with different identities have difficulties.
  • The feeling of needing to hide ie: religious practices.
  • Challenges based on everyday things ie: gym class.
  • Legal challenges ie: being LGBT & a newcomer
  • New ways of parenting as families travel. Schools respect newcomers. Challenge is an inner mentality within the student. Ex: out of cultural norms.
  • Support system for LGBTQ + newcomer youth.
  • Peers Alliance. School counselors. PEI ANC counselors
  • Family is reluctant to talk about sexual orientation.
  • Sex education class are not popular.
  • Barriers to employment in newcomers based on identity, but from everyone.
  • Challenge of coming out. Who to partner with?
  • Getting info oats to people who might need it. Where to turn for support.
  • Language barriers.


  • PEI ANC: Gender-specific classes. Teaching families Canadian norms / values. Works with people individually
  • Media raising awareness about sex /LGBTQ+. Workshops from PEI ANC Peers Alliance.


  • Supporting LGBTQ+ newcomer Youth and their families education program.
  • Creating support systems.
  • Orientation day how to encourage newcomers to be more open to conversation about sexual orientation and health.