International Student Success & Support

Notes & Ideas

  • 90 days to 180 days to apply for post-graduate work permit. -Have one year to get work permit based.
  • Gap= matching employers
  • Career Services
  • Study and stay program (only 40 reunited)
  • 1000-1200 UPEI
  • What other Solutions across Canada?
  • (ministry of children & youth services - Ontario)
  • wage subsidies = need to have PR.
  • Not enough Social Services = focus on international student office focused on recruitment only to who are there to help.)
  • Grew ⅓ in 3 years but still only 1 person still hired.
  • Currently only 2 people for 1200 people.
  • Logistics an academic too much.
  • People want to work with International students to meter and create businesses.
  • Lower net worth requirement


  • Full-time students only to apply for postgraduate permit
  • What are rules and how do we let them know as early as possible( pre-arrived)
  • Employment gap could there be wage subsidies for international students?
  • Connections outside of post-secondary bubble.
  • How can we provide social support integration more support. Buddy proper for second and third year.
  • Mentorship international student advocate help create community
  • Expand services


  • Create international student Advocate at the HC & UPEI
  • Actually have more employees working the international services for students on the ground.
  • Pre-arrival information or institutions and PEI.
  • Permit Focus- students falling through cracks.
  • International grad entrepreneur stream = so grads can start business.
  • Best practices mission to look at International grad retention work in Nova Scotia, Ontario Etc.
  • Pathway in programs at post-secondary
  • Create other training and education programs.

Take Aways

  • Province needs to make more investment more Frontline workers at post-secondary office immigration and Pei association for international students working together funding opportunities / boost economy.
  • “Mitacs” provide funding Masters and PhD to company for research I'm starting Ventures.