Internet in rural PEI

Notes & Ideas

  • Infrastructure exists for wind turbines. High-speed internet would allow people to work from home and like in rural Pei where property is more affordable.
  • Would increase self-employment options in rural PEI.
  • Lots of government announcements promised this over last 12 years but it is still not a reality.
  • Tourist expect high-speed internet everywhere example campgrounds. Municipalities don't have money to invest in high speed internet.
  • Allows immigrants to communicate with families back home for (ex: Skype FaceTime etc.)


  • For hourly islandwide high-speed internet? Fiber
  • How to fund it and who will fund it? Private investor, Province, municipalities?
  • What immigrants are coming to Pei? And what income bracket?
  • Who will run with it and make it happen?