Promotional campaign for myth-busting and personal stories

Notes & Ideas

  • Employer sharing one story of the newcomers.
  • More positive news stories, the letter - for employers.
  • Important to share what is challenging acknowledged the challenge.
  • Stories on immigrants and sees social media it's a siliv. Asking you Comer, ask an immigrant specialist.
  • ACOA influencers and food. Newcomer influencers get the message out. March 21st Stratford - ethnic agencies multilingualism event, concept to build on.
  • Alberton- hosting a neighbor to neighbor event. Knowing each other. Chamber of Commerce true storytelling. Established community header ie. Booner. Jimmy MacAuley leads to the immigrant stay.
  • Credibility / Bridge. 2 vignettes.
  • "Compass” the guardian.


  • Ali Syad pei connectors. Don't see it a lot.
  • Our community is 154 people to temporary foreign workers. Incl?? Managers
  • How do we coordinate efforts?
  • Who should be involved, what should content be? Ei: ask an islander. Ask a newcomer.


  • Grassroots marketing campaign= value.
  • Campaign with voices of immigrants. Immigration matters - important - individual making the difference. Pei Skating Club. How to combat “trolls”- negative, incorrect, misleading. How can feds support us? The message? Can bring support.
  • Multi-pronged compass/ the guardian social media. Identify. Must Hear those concerned. Negative fears create a safe space to hear their concerns. Then an opportunity to rebut, how presumably not judgemental- listen to them.
  • People with opposing ideas/alone in room. bring down those barriers. Actors - vocalizing concerns. Responding in a respectful way. Hear them. Don't suppress, don't shame them. Community School. Town Hall lay out all the facts.

Take Aways

Form for hearing concerns- no shame.