Real or perceived barriers for employers looking to hire a newcomer

Notes & Ideas

  • Regulatory security clearance post immigration process (delay / red tape).

  • International capacity and smes to embark an immigration and recruitment ( the owner wears all the hats)( Financial Resources / time)

  • Perceive / real having the bandwidth to go through the process things named resources and need to recruit.

  • Reality not as complicated as thought AIPP designate.

  • Biggest challenges with employees able of paperwork - timing - hoop stash obstacle.

  • Employing / applying for a job here is different.

  • Being too aggressive with application process is a turn off. Business culture. Fit expectations - sensitivity to language barriers, culture. Personality / organization. “FIT” it can be a word to mask other hesitancy trust. “someone is not a good fit - they don't look - trust - fit my business”...

  • Expensive hiring in confidence they will stay retain.

  • Communication / investment of time and training. Over qualification is keeping the newcomer from getting an interview even though they want the experience. Network- references interview - employer, hiring, confidence ( professional)

  • Labor market needs- anticipating before it's a crisis -“I need 15 people not one”

  • Timing -is the process working at the speed of business!

  • Review process and steps and employee urgency. World of support program / navigation for Settlement Services - fuel pressure- overwhelmed by the responsibility.

  • Ask the right questions upfront- language, education assessment.


  • Who can work in Canada?

  • Suppose- the employers responsibility to assist the entire family unit?

  • Is there a perception around expectations of compensation benefits for newcomer?

  • Is there a fear that the newcomer won't stay once they arrive? Investment

  • What is the process for alignment of Labor Market needs and recruitment

  • Is there anything else we can do to speed up the process on the Canadian side? IRCC/ provincial / employers?

Take Aways

More employer education and resources navigation for newcomers