Notes & Ideas

How to create better cultural awareness especially with rural areas expansion plan to promote integration and retention in rural communities


  • East-link role!
  • TV make a 1.5 hour to have featuring immigrants
  • CBC radio
  • Hoedown radio channel
  • Rural action development department -would there be a stream of cultural education - have funding available
  • Role of faith groups and churches?
  • Fundraising projects by various organizations


  • Stronger social media role
  • Eastlink TV & CBC radio & hoedown radio
  • Creating awareness that both newcomers and organizations such as lion slub - churches and etc.. ned to approach each other to connect
  • Better funding for settlement organizations in order to enhance their cultural awareness training
  • Community schools across the island to have a class for “cultures and faiths” in their program
  • Raising funding via various projects to have community working together and not relying on government's funding
  • Knowledge sharing Farmers could learn farmers of other countries “ in a day” tours.
  • The school system, grade 8 has the subject on social studies “Canadian identity and citizenship” to look at the curriculum and try to integrate cultural awareness into their program and here's Regional development funding for this project.