What are the benefits of having a dedicated Multicultural space within your local community

Notes & Ideas

  • Multicultural event hosting. Welcoming new members of the community into it.
  • Information access helping hand, personal guide, shopping, translator, volunteer-based.
  • Monthly potluck. Friday friendship hour. I like a local immigrant business.
  • Place for religion/Worship
  • Certified kitchen Covered under Health licenses. (ei: catering within immigrant family)
  • Training. intro to sports.
  • Community Building from a newcomer perspective.
  • Monthly program whereby the community can learn about the various cultures. Keep events family-oriented


  • How can we make this happen in other communities?
  • How can we leverage / and Gage / include existing establish cultural Society to build this?
  • could have section of the space be used for office space? Share include volunteer societies.


Engaged users to ensure you were designed designing to fit their needs- use them in the planning process.

Take Aways

A great initiative that will benefit the community.