Addressing underemployment / change of employment

Notes & Ideas

  • Collaboration Education Plus government to make process easier.

  • Red tape and certification / education / entry / equivalency.

  • Universal standards for each profession, based on specific Nations systems.

  • Streamlining process to enter job market. Restricted licenses.

  • Take advantage of skills and acclimate to current standards in Canada.

  • More education around how current qualifications / professions apply and transfer to Canadian Market.

  • Cost, timeline, expectations.

  • Utilize Professionals in current underemployed rolls. Transferable skills.

  • Impact on family - competency - based assessment and membership to fast-track qualified professionals.

  • Opportunity for Providence to attract and retain.

  • Agreement to stay and provide professional Knowledge.

  • Hard to retire because not enough Canadian experience for OAP / pension Etc


  • What would you do differently? Specific to your profession / qualifications.

  • How can we streamline the process?

  • How can we overcome barriers for professionals?

  • Why is it so expensive? Education. Prove certification / qualifications. Get a job.

Take Aways

Streamline process to get people working sooner.