Communication and Storytelling

Notes & Ideas

  • Getting Canadians to relate to immigrants.
  • Need to highlight contributions.
  • Potential for outreach and recruitment to those the game coming to Nova Scotia.
  • The power of a user-friendly website and recruitment.
  • Consistency and gaps in government websites.
  • Human aspect, candidates.
  • Make sure content is topical And Timely.


  • How to tell stories of positive impact of Immigration?
  • Once immigrants are here, how can we support them?
  • How can we share / streamline content?
  • How do we get content to be more relevant to people's needs more adaptively?


  • Share info on initiatives between organizations.
  • Make connections between immigrants and the services they need.

Take Aways

Recruitment Service delivery and integration can be beneficial by better info, sharing and more streamlined communication products. comms follow program