Creating tomorrow's Nova Scotia - and inclusive Nova Scotia

Notes & Ideas

  • Break down barriers. Tell the history of Nova Scotia.

  • Define points for collaboration with various groups organization.

  • Define the vision of an inclusive Nova Scotia and develop strategies to build the vision.

  • Buy in and identify how you can help in building an inclusive Nova Scotia.

  • Education on the topic and what does there piece look like? Storytelling that drive success.

  • Promotion to drive immigration and people to come to Nova Scotia.

  • Embrace me inclusion - what does it look like.

  • Milestones towards success.

  • Celebrating milestones but celebrating and supporting success conditionally.

  • Support group / organization / individuals. Have conversations, learn and share.

  • Respecting diversity. On understanding cultural nuances.

  • Inclusive Summit - commonality / differences / intersections.

  • Collaborative leadership / common agenda.

  • Inclusive language.

  • HR - BC has a guide.

  • Nova Scotia division - share how languages are different from one another.


  • Inclusive Summit.

  • Social media -intergraphics.

  • Inclusive language.

  • Storytelling.

  • Celebrations.

  • Cultural nuances respecting diversity.

  • ID and share a vision of an inclusive Nova Scotia.

Take Aways

  • I want to live in an inclusive Nova Scotia.

  • Slogan on a t-shirt, license plate, etc.