How can you become an ally to newcomers?

Notes & Ideas

  • Look Beyond immigration status and connect with the person
  • Newcomer - be open to get involved with Community.
  • Give feedback about your experience contribute Solutions.
  • Employer -small-medium business need support to provide for newcomers.
  • Community - coordinating between employers to develop resources.
  • Start with individuals. Be curious with good intent.
  • Education of benefits to their Community.
  • Start with yourself get involved.
  • Encourage others to get involved. Be deliberate about your engagement.


  • How newcomers get information about services?
  • How to support employers to encourage their employees to engage / develop resources.


  • Buddy system to welcome newcomers.
  • Tool with list of services.
  • Be more curious as opposed to offering help.
  • Put yourself out there (newcomer and local.)
  • Education cultural competency.

Take Aways

Be deliberate. Be open. Be curious. Be Innovative. Be brave.