Myth Busting

Notes & Ideas

  • Truth: Media can create negative assumptions
  • Myth- you need to leave NS to get your PR then come back
  • Myth: “i can't hire you unless you have a PR”
  • Myth:”you won't get the job
  • Apply, apply, apply. Dont screen yourself out
  • Myth: work permits are only the responsibility of the newcomers
  • Myth: supporting someone is not the same as sponsorship
  • Myth: immigrants steal our jobs
  • Myth: NS is more diverse than the rest of Canada


  • How do we bust the myths?
  • And increase support for immigration
  • How can we support immigrants in getting employed


  • Be empathetic- not assuming
  • Ask questions, listen and learn
  • Understand the human experience
  • Don't be afraid to call people out and provide accurate facts to dispel myths
  • Try not to label
  • Importance of storytelling
  • Extra programs to support immigrants
  • FAQs for employers and immigrants
  • Research
  • Celebrate success
  • Repeat good stories
  • Encourage the under-represented to apply
  • Do not screen yourself out of the job competition

Take Aways

Public awareness campaign