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New opportunities for work: Emerging Solutions attaching immigrants to meaningful work.

Notes & Ideas

    ISANS, STFX Center for employment Innovation partnership (Funded by province of Nova Scotia, LAE)
    Community of learning, 10 organizations including Nova Scotia Works.
    In workplace on the job training education, essential skills. 2. Workplace training equals more welcoming workplaces. 3. wage subsidy ($10.50 an hour from minimum wage $15 an hour) 4 supports for employers and employees.
    Solving problems with employers immediately and some participants move on to other roles.
    Career Development.
    Workplace cultural challenges.
    Individual stories of success across diverse Fields.
    New Partnerships for success, ISANS and trucking Human Resources sector Council Atlantic.
    Dealing with conflict.
    Language training.
    Cultural difference.


    How can employers learn from this research?
    How can employers develop new Partnerships with organizations and institutions?
    Is there an opportunity to work together on customer service training and education?
    Are we doing diversity well or better?


    ISANS and employers to develop focus training for example customer service.
    Partnering to support more immigrant skilled laborers.
    Social return on investment research.
    Disseminating learning and engaging Employers in development.

Take Aways

    Center for unemployment Innovation at st. Effects and Is
    ISANS to host an employer group conversation to share learnings of research, contribute to emerging practices, and develop next steps.
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