New opportunities for work: Emerging Solutions attaching immigrants to meaningful work.

Notes & Ideas

  • ISANS, STFX Center for employment Innovation partnership (Funded by province of Nova Scotia, LAE)
  • Community of learning, 10 organizations including Nova Scotia Works.
  • In workplace on the job training education, essential skills. 2. Workplace training equals more welcoming workplaces. 3. wage subsidy ($10.50 an hour from minimum wage $15 an hour) 4 supports for employers and employees.
  • Solving problems with employers immediately and some participants move on to other roles.
  • Career Development.
  • Workplace cultural challenges.
  • Individual stories of success across diverse Fields.
  • New Partnerships for success, ISANS and trucking Human Resources sector Council Atlantic.
  • Dealing with conflict.
  • Language training.
  • Cultural difference.


  • How can employers learn from this research?
  • How can employers develop new Partnerships with organizations and institutions?
  • Is there an opportunity to work together on customer service training and education?
  • Are we doing diversity well or better?


  • ISANS and employers to develop focus training for example customer service.
  • Partnering to support more immigrant skilled laborers.
  • Social return on investment research.
  • Disseminating learning and engaging Employers in development.

Take Aways

  • Center for unemployment Innovation at st. Effects and Is
  • ISANS to host an employer group conversation to share learnings of research, contribute to emerging practices, and develop next steps.