Universities Supporting International students

Notes & Ideas

  • Edu Nova does outreach
  • Mentorship program
  • Understanding the immigration process
  • Less focus on events- push it to student group
  • Students know of their existence and may go to them
  • MUlticultural week international education week (grants, social media)
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Celebrate diversity in workplace and community-
  • Arts, local talent (bands), foods/cuisine
  • Telling stories- first day in Canada
  • Belonging- a place where newcomers can share similar situations
  • Nova multifest


  • What can we do to create more dialogue like this summit?
  • How can university help with the immigration?

Take Aways

  • Get domestic students involved in cultural societies
  • International students are an asset to the province, our schools, and projects may not take off right away, but it takes time
  • Personal interactions are the key to inclusion and understanding