Channels for finding talent in IT

Who came?
  • Carolina - Magma; Andrew - Moosehead\ESJ; Maryn - IRCC; Karla - Blue spurs consulting; Jessica - Venn; Sara - T4G; Ian - ESJ; Bonnie - Settlement group; Theresa - ONB; Sungmi - MCAF
  • How did you find the employees you’ve hired through AIPP?
  • How do we help skilled IT workers get hired to stay in the region?
Notes & Ideas
  • Job persona > job description
  • How do we filter the resumes that come through?
    • Local consultants in target countries
    • Organisations like 3+
    • Mission trips
    • Community groups
    • Targets: Isreal, Ukraine, India (hit & miss)
  • What does IT mean? Lots of unknown
    • IT is an all industries and we need backgrounds from all disciplines
  • Certifications
    • Can cross check it’s on databases
  • Lots of junior talent in IT (0-3\5 years)
    • Some intermediate talent
    • Almost no senior talent
  • Develop categories of roles that IT companies are looking for
  • Share job opps for candidates that are referred, that don’t fit at your org
Take away
  • IT (industry) can do a better job explaining their hiring needs
  • We need to share candidates that don’t meet the need of your organisation to keep them in the region
  • Government agencies need to filter resumes better to what employers are looking for