How can we better attract + retain international students to graduation and beyond?

Who came:

Dalhousie, Mackenzie college, Mount Allison, UdeMoncton, UNB (freddy) City of Moncton


  • How can we attract\recruit good-quality academic students?

  • How can we keep¡support the same students to graduation?

  • How can we connect them with opportunities to stay beyond graduation?

Notes & Ideas

  • Attraction + retention

    • No provincial profile\consortium (NB) like EDU-NOVA .. too many schools ‘going it on their own’

    • Challenge around calibrating Eng + Fr recruitment efforts

    • Disconnect between university and college credit recognition

  • Keeping intl students to graduation

    • Student supports are essential (mandatory, for credit)

    • For francophone students, building up eng proficiency

    • Intl students feel like they need to be bilingual (FR\ENG) to stay

  • Keeping intl Students beyond graduation

    • Learning another language = a challenge

    • Trying to qualify for post-graduate work permit


  • Market Moncton\NB as an educ city\prov = branding

  • Build a NB educ. Consortium (build an atlantic educ. consortium?!!)

  • Invest in student supports (make them mandatory, for credit)

  • To address Fr\Eng bilingual reg, collaborate between Fr and Eng Schools on language instruction.

  • Open more IRCC offices across province

  • Greater collaboration between PSEC and GOVT on study (2-4 year) + work (PGWP) opportunities .. make process more seamless.

  • More (regular) meetings between PSEC + PETL + POP.Growth