How can we empower newcomers to hold visible leadership position in our community

Who came?
  • Belka Truong; Janet Scott; Bernie Leblanc; Li song; Mohammed Yessaad; Erica Cantu
  • How do we recognize & encourage leadership potential?
  • How do we access newcomers talent that exists in our community?
  • How do we connect with people who are interested?
  • How can we empower newcomers to be leaders?
Notes & Ideas
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Encourage networking opportunities
  • People aren’t applying for board positions
  • Not a lot of diversity on boards
  • Immigrants don’t know hot to demonstrate their talent
  • Could send the posting of a board position to settlement serving agencies
  • Afraid to apply or may not understand that they are eligible for a position
  • Locals don’t understand\believe in the skills\experiences of newcomers
  • Need to educate Canadians so they can be more confident in their skills *newcomers
  • Need opportunity to prove yourself
  • Need to trust immigrants
  • Baby steps
  • Newcomers think thank helping communities make decisions
  • Recruit newcomers for volunteer opportunities
  • Add a newcomer category recognition events ex. Chamber of commerce business awards, community leadership awards etc.
  • Leadership mentorship opportunities
  • Encourage organizations to hold an open house to explain the role of being a board member and invite newcomer leaders
  • Create and newcomer think tank to advise city council
Take away
  • Newcomer leadership will help in retaining people & influence change
Project lead: Janet Scott