How might we create B2B network to share best practices?

  • Can ACC NBCChambers lead this discussion?
  • Collab with PPF+ NBMC atlantic forum
  • Can we create community tool kit to replicate conversations in communities
Notes & Ideas
  • Technology framework enkidu
  • Collab between bus organise to create connection
  • Single point of contacts (cleaning house)
  • Standing facilitated discussion group hosted once a month with different topics
  • Chamber of commerce in SA’s part of solution to create convers\ space for sharing
  • Events to train CO’s together to network
  • Help ER’S host inclusion discussion internally
  • Map existing sucs + communications (ie. City of Moncton)
  • John W to raise\mobilise with NB chambers
  • Events with topics and invite service providers and SA’S
Take away
  • Proposed to team from John and Adrienne