Involvement & Volunteering

Who came?
  • Mayor of Chipman; Caran Atkinson
  • Why should we involve newcomers in local activities?
  • Why should the newcomers be involved in volunteering?
Notes & Ideas
  • Why choose NB?
  • How can we integrate and retain the people here in NB?
  • With the aging population and swindling population, health care and other services will lose more and the economy will be going down. By having more immigrant population we can afford to have more services and better health care and education facilities at a reasonable cost otherwise it can be very taxing for the people
  • Infrastructure creates more vibrancy in the communities . A white rose can be beautiful but a bouquet of colorful roses can be spectacular. That is the Canada we should try to create. A true multicultural society.
  • They get to experience different festivities, takes away the feeling of homesickness
  • Provides room for integrating children
  • Learn coping skills weatherwise, financial, guidance with food, sports etc
  • By volunteering you develop a set of confidence and i gives a deep sense of satisfaction that you are finding your way in the community that has given you much.
  • Creates a diverse and inclusive society.
Take away
  • Very informative conference; the power of diversity and inclusion is very powerful and we should all walk the talk that we indulge in here today.