Neighborhood involvement

Who came? Questions?
  • How to get rural neighborhoods involved? Challen about the size and spread
  • Reak of unknown! Fear of doing something wrong! Overpolite
  • Transportation challenges. Can’t go to event because of no transportation
  • Lock of education and racism
  • Do not assume what newcomers want
Notes & Ideas
  • Community café (rotate in different café)
  • Local newspaper articles welcoming newcomers families (+photo) profiles on newcomers
  • Awareness activities like (1 pays trend) bring your culture to the table
  • Welcoming committee: in community, in school, buddy system
  • Rural community challenge because of size
  • Barbecue - community event
  • Get leaders to table about immigration
  • Track the youth to see if they are being good in school. Happy school = happy kids = happy family
  • Go to school on day care talk about different culture to kids
  • Network involve the leaders of community
  • Tool sharing
  • People exchanging services
  • Community p with station about food = infor about that o involved
  • Staff small : pilot
  • Spouse involvement
  • Sussex: intensional student group event: save community and each culture food
  • Get kids involved in school! They share info with parents = welcoming and inclusion
  • Go at the end of each talk to 5 people it will have great impact
  • Let neighbor group aware of newcomers
  • Community activities : potential
  • Mix different teachers to come up with ideas
  • Open door event
  • Community leaders need to know immigrant that are in the area (survey) so they can of event that show ‘’you are welcome - like smaio, special dop
Take away
  • Make sure newcomers are involved in already existing events
  • Take them by the road
  • Ask what they want and need