Top five projects

The Moncton event occurred in May 2018. These 5 projects gained traction to move forward, but more are listed below.
  • Business-to-business networks to share best practices (Adrienne O’Pray)
    • NB Business Council, Conseil Economique du NB, Chamber of Commerces, PETL’s Immigration, Settlement and Multiculturalism branches will be coordinating a series of webinars targeted to businesses. Sections of these webinars will be delivered by business owners or heads of HR and are designed to help businesses navigate the immigration process for both skilled and unskilled workers, and mentor each other.
    • UPDATE: The NBBC conducted a series of webinars over the past year with solid attendance and feedback
  • HR Certification in Newcomer Welcome (Doug Robertson)
    • NBCC
  • Deepen language skills for international students to make settling in NB easier
    • Universite de Moncton & Mount Allison University
  • Academic research study on challenges faced by 2 groups: newcomers + business (Mikael Hellstrom, UNB Post-Doc)
    • Developing and sending out a survey directly to two groups: a) immigrants and refugees already in NB, and b) NB employers - with the goal of understanding the rules and regulations that have gotten in the way of hiring immigrants / refugees in NB.
  • Creating multiculturalism sensitivity programming in the schools (Atlantic Ballet)
    • Power of Inclusion program (might be interesting to intersect with Woven Cultures)