Women’s integration (Gender perspective to immigration)

Who came?
  • Ginette, Isabelle, Marie-Line, Kari, Natalia, Holly, Sungmi, Kathy, Rose-mai, Kim, Audrey, Constance, Heather
  • How can the NB refugee clinic grow to better support precarious status women?
  • What is preventing our province to mirror women -specific programs that are happening across the country?
  • What funding opportunities exist to grow gendered programming for immigrant women?
  • Where is the government leadership (ahem, ‘’feminist’’ trudeau) to influence policies?
  • What are the systemic policies that contribute to the challenges re: immigrant? Women’s interaction
Notes & ideas
  • Women often follow their spouse as ‘dependents’ difficult to find work, child care etc.
  • Challenge values + family dynamics
  • Social isolation, how to leave the home (language barriers) mental health → interpretation challenges (eg. Woman interpreter)
  • Systemic issues: affordable child care, pay equity, foreign credential recognition, gender norms
  • Status: fear of deportation, huge gap in services for precarious status women
  • Settlement agencies have little resources to dedicate to gendered programming (no time!)
  • Community agencies + businesses need to extend their intersectional\gender\diversity lens to bring women to the table.
  • Need flexibility (+daycare) to allow more women to participate in settlement services
  • New Government strategy on family integration! Moving policy forward
  • Investigate funding channels
  • Connect with women newcomers: what do you need? What programs would be helpful?
  • Support NB immigrant women's association + similar initiatives
  • Seek to grow gender - analysis in settlement agencies + population growth: needs assessment to decipher how programs can be adapted or which new programs need to be developed.
  • Look at successful models from elsewhere in the country
  • Engage immigrant women in leadership positions + celebrate
Take away
  • Much overdue
  • Much to do
  • Where the heck are the men (decision makers)?
  • We’re pretty pissed