Youth inclusion project

Who came?

  • Jenn Henry - ONB; Eliedyar - Atlantic ballet; Kevin Burdett - Management consulting; Nicole nader - NBMC


  • How do I source information?

  • Where do I start? One key focus

  • Who is a sample\test audience?

    • Counselors

    • Daycare

    • Immigration focused people

    • Settlement agencies

  • How do I collet results?

  • How do I know it works? Feedback

Notes & ideas

  • Growable dreams

  • Other people experience similar things

  • Individual stories → become resources to others (Themes, clean, simple)

  • My name is …

    • Direct: know the person, sense of identity

    • Read all stories

    • Speaks to all

  • Always keep ownership: protect idea

    • Be clear in plan as to why

    • Values need to be clear in plan

    • Not everyone will understand


  • Complete one solid prototype

  • Develop business plan for who I present to, how often

  • Identify partners\sponsors

  • Identify return on investment…

  • Plan in a timeline

    • Milestones + dates

Take away

  • Build complete prototype, own business model