Collab between orgnizations

Notes & Ideas

  • collaboration instead of competing
  • Collaboration as a whole, across the board (including stakeholders)
  • May be easier for funders to make organizations aware of each other
  • More funding for people to become certified immigration consultants
  • Employers to provide employees with personal ties to the community.
  • One stop shop for immigration services, linking both immigrants and employers to all resources


  • What are all of the organizations in NL with the same goals and processes? and what is their mandate? (M.A.P.)
  • How can all of these organizations work together and collaborate to reduce redundancy and be more effective?
  • Is there a way for the different levels of government to get the same message out?


  • Create a mapping system that outlines each organization
  • Mentoring program, pairing experienced businesses with companies with little or no experience

Take Aways

Alot of confusion with what organizations and resources exist and there needs to be more clarity to the general public and employers.