Community Embrace Diversity

Notes & Ideas

  • More open
  • Ask the student
  • The human condition. Our common experience
  • Diversity is strength, survival, ideas, success
  • More ways of knowing: spread the positive message: diversity is not a threat: it is an opportunity/ celebrate it. Value it. Goes beyond employment buzzwords even employable skills. Core value of who we are. NL needs this.
  • Indigenous languages - many of them.
  • Time passes, change will happen. Focus on positive enriches us.


  • How do we deal with fear of change?
  • How do we move away from “tolerate” and toward embrace diversity and value?
  • What should be done about hate on social media?
  • Emphasize the real rtn: more weight.


  • We are diverse so show the value of diversity
  • Include the richness we already have as early as possible