How can municipalities work together to make retention successful across the entire province?

Notes & Ideas

  • Sharing retention strategies
  • Transportation
  • Access to info
  • Language barriers
  • Separating human concerns from immigration concerns
  • Small incentives for retention
  • Getting status in order to get a business number
  • Building infrastructure to make sure that people will stay
  • Host family program


  • What can the municipality provide to newcomers?
  • What opportunities are possible for municipalities to work together?
  • How to create the atmosphere to bring in people that will thrive


  • Local immigration partnerships
  • Attracting the right people to the right locations
  • Host family programs (make more well known)
  • Work with municipalities NL to create partnerships and grow them further. increase communications between municipalities is goal.

Take Aways

Attracting people to fit the lifestyle, not try to make people fit into their lifestyle.