Potluck arts experience Excuse to get together (Jams)

Notes & Ideas

  • How to get the word out

  • Plan as a team - post on the right sites

  • Connect beforehand

  • Adopt new ideas as they arrive from participants

  • Adult vs family events

  • Embracing winter activities


  • Spaces?

  • How to tap into many groups?

  • How to people recieve info?

  • How to inspire a true mix of local and new?


  • Family ice fishing day?

  • Food “jams”

  • Story telling “jams”

  • Art jams

  • Pub crawl for various disciplines of art

  • International open mics?

  • Short film night - discuss

  • Picnic club

  • Dance class club

  • Game days (games from around the world)

Take Aways

  • Lots happening now - more events can happen and evolve. Connect islands of cultural activities.

  • We need to find out who, what, when and join forces and energies.