Retention of International Students and Foreign Workers

Notes & Ideas

  • “Study + Stay” program (3 year pilot) should it be made more aware of prior to students coming to Canada?

  • Affordable tuition

  • Job matching/shadowing

  • International students 10 times more likely to start a business/ take entrepreneurship

  • Highlight success stories

  • Mentorship for possible job opportunities

  • Need to know where the jobs are at

  • Little support for TFW


  • How do we market NL to students and foreign workers?

  • How do we make a plan for students to know what they need to know to stay in NL.


  • Showcase success stories

  • Dept for employers and TFW

  • Better forecasting welcoming programs

  • Social platforms

Take Aways

Showcase success stories of immigrants and better forecasting of welcoming programs