Immigration for SME (Small, Medium Enterprises)

Notes & Ideas

  • SME entrepreneurs fear the unknown when considering hiring an immigrant in terms of the process for work visas and permanent residency requirements
  • SMEs do not possess the bandwidth or resources to understand and support potential immigrant employees


  • How can we increase purchase power in NL to support SMEs?
  • What are the caps in SMEs?
  • How can the government increase immigration to support SMEs through temporary workers to sustain worker shortages?
  • How do we retain the international students we’ve already attracted?
  • MUN does a great job of attracting International students, but once they graduate, how do we support their integration into the local Workforce?
  • How can we generate or increase the purchase power of SMEs?
  • Can we engage the tourism sector to be more inclusive to generate more value and wealth?


  • Embedding short term specialists to work NL SMEs to determine needs (future hires, roles to fill, when you’ll need them - what are the gaps)
  • TFW program to meet talent shortages - awareness, how to use, who to talk to

Take away