Tombolo Festival-Keeping the Als room together annually

Notes & Ideas

  • Brings newcomers and residents together
  • Music 2019 Alex Cuba
  • Workshops/food craft fair
  • Performers from across the world
  • Partners- associate New canadians
  • Inclusive to all ages and family friendly


  • Can we reach out to schools as well?
  • How do we set the contact info? Rhonda
  • Can we replicate the summit experience?
  • cost?


  • Contact Rhonda for all infolist/ Bot planning
  • Expand info about the festival to small business
  • Focus on employers
  • Include meeting of summit members in funding applications
  • Partner will be ACC/col her/
  • Fundraising from small business
  • Communication plan
  • Table summit results at festival

Take Aways

Talk with BOT at/ballet about future.